As a publisher, Mockingbird purchases or ‘acquires’ catalog, or acquires an interest in a catalog of music to exploit and generate income from.


Mockingbird enhances the acquired catalog by pitching and licensing it to licensees such as television companies, film studios, game studios and advertising companies, or any other media company that needs music for their product/service.


Mockingbird administers all rights information relating to the acquired catalog, handling licensing invoices, metadata input, royalty splits, infringement claims.


Mockingbird collects performance royalties, print royalties, mechanical income royalties from the reproduction of the music and income from sync/license fees. They then distribute the monies according to terms laid out in the contracts they have with their songwriters and composers if it is required to do so under our purchase agreement.


Mockingbird protects its catalogues and their writers’ creations from copyright infringement, and any misuse of the works in general. This is referred to as a music publisher’s fiduciary duty.

Mockingbird Publishing Group, LLC