Applications of AI in Music Business

The way we listen to music has evolved over the last decade. As consumers stream music, movies and Peloton workouts, enormous amounts of data are being captured and stored to help inform processes and automate the tedious. With the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence) in the music industry, significant changes have been made in all areas of the business from music production to royalty collection.

Mockingbird is an investment science pipeline of music containing robust data sources as inputs and quantitative investment strategies as outputs. We augment our process through an approach that down-selects datasets from artists management, Public Rights Organizations (PRO’s) and accounting sources. From there we develop strategy types that optimize for a variety of market-dependent variables: market cycle, risk-return profile, and future development.

By incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, we are able to increase managed catalog ROI, while bringing innovation and more efficient processes to the industry.

Mockingbird Publishing Group, LLC